Everything You Need to Know About Managing Money While Dating & Making Financial Decisions As A Couple

+ PLUS How to Effectively Discuss Finances with Family & Loved Ones | taught by Tonya Rapley

Course description

Your romantic decision is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your entire life.

During this two hour training you will learn:

What to Look for In a Potential Partner

  • How to ensure that YOU are financially attractive.
  • The questions to ask that will help you figure out who is your best money match.
  • How to discern when to work with someone or if you should walk away.

Navigating Finances As Couple

  • The various money management strategies couples can explore.
  • When you should merge or not to merge finances.
  • How to file income taxes as a married couple.

Effectively Communicating About Money

  • How to communicate your perspective more effectively.
  • How to effectively discuss financial issues.
  • How to minimize money disagreements.

PLUS receive the following TWO Freebies!

The "How Am I Doing Financially" Checklist for singles
The " Critical Financial Conversations for Every Relationship" Guide

This is a recording from the March 9, 2016 live training .

Tonya Rapley
Tonya Rapley